F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. Creating An Account
  3. Getting Approved To Bid
  4. Bidding
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  7. Technical Problems


Q. Can I bid using a Macintosh? ^

A. Yes you can if you meet the necessary bidding requirements. The Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia live bidding software works on a Mac OS X system with the Safari browser. For more details, see the system requirements.

Q. I submitted an identical bid as the floor. Why was my bid not accepted? ^

A. In the event that the intenet and the floor have the same bid amount, the floor bid prevails over the Internet bid.

Q. I accidentally placed a bid on an lot that I do not want. What do I do? ^

A. You are responsible for any and all bids that you place on Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia. Please contact the auctioneer immediately to rectify the situation.